St. James's Park England

London, England has always felt like home. From the moment I first stepped out of the Underground for the first time, this city has been a place of creative inspiration and personal exploration for me. This blog contains a few photos from my recent visit to see Linoy Dahari and explore the city together.

The week after having all of my cameras stolen, I had to make a crucial decision: continue with my trip to London or skip the trip Linoy and I had planned together to save money. I decided to go. After such a traumatic experience I needed some time in a place that would refresh and energize me. And, to be fair, I had found a $5.60 ticket to London and a $200 back to the U.S., plus I could stay with friends in the city. So, the entire trip wouldn't cost much and I had already purchased my (non-refundable) tickets. 

I needed to be with people who love me. I needed to feel the energy of the city. I needed to go.

Although I was camera less for a moment, Canon USA sent me a loaner camera for an extended period to cover the duration of my trip, Justin Skeens Photography loaned me a 50mm f/1.2, Tom Contreras (@EverythingButTheCamera) gave me a super nice camera backpack, and Nick Brown bought me a 16-35mm f/2.8 II. I couldn't be more thankful for these people and the thousands more who purchased a print, donated, and shared my story online. Those people made it possible for me to continue telling stories as I travel.

I love the colors of Autumn. This time of year reminds me that death is an internal part of life, something that we must go through in order to grow. I need reminders like this every year to understand that even though we are trimmed back for a moment, we must shed the weight of our past failures and accomplishments to grow further. It is in this time of change that I gain perspective on what is important and gain clarity of purpose. 

When we stumbled upon this location near St. James's Park I had to take a few moments to capture the moment. Linoy's outfit was perfectly matched to the moment, and although it may appear as if we are in the middle of the woods, we are actually around the corner from one of London's busiest hubs—Trafalgar Square. In these photos, I hope you see death, but I also hope that you see life on the other side as well.

In this story, I wanted to capture the grander of this season while paying close attention to the details of embracing the moment. I wanted to share the motion I observed and the feelings I experienced. I hope you enjoy this mini story from one afternoon of color in a cold, grey city.

leaves fall in front of a wall of beautifully colored ivy

St. James's Park England

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