My Family

I love my job. I get to travel to the most exotic places in the world taking pictures and telling stories of love and other things that matter. It's an incredible privilege. 

As much as I love getting to travel every week and see the world, I miss my family from time to time. It's always nice to get to come home once a year to see the people I grew up with—the community that raised me. I'm incredibly thankful that my job allows me to travel and gives me the freedom to see my family when I choose. 

I think one of the most grounding things about family is the fact that no matter how far away you travel or how well known your work becomes, when you come home, you're home and you go right back to being a kid again—no special treatment. It's a special feeling. And since I spend my life's work capturing memories for other people and their families, it's always nice to snap a few portraits of my own family.

This is a short journal entry, but I hope you enjoy getting to meet some of my family.

the women i grew up with: my mother and two sisters