Finca Agua Tiba Wedding Guatemala

Jeca & Ale

Jeca with her mother moments before walking down the aisle.



I had never shot a wedding in Guatemala before, so when Jeca and Ale asked me to photograph their wedding at Finca Agua Tiba in Guatemala, I was happy to oblige. At the time Jeca and Ale booked me, I was working as a second shooter in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. There, I was photographing weddings with Kevin Heslin on the beaches of the South Pacific. At the time, I had little idea that photographing their wedding would lead me to relocate to Antigua, Guatemala. 

Jeca and Ale's wedding took place in Finca Agua Tiba, an hour outside of Guatemala's capital. The ranch is a classically beautiful location that includes gorgeous stone and wooden bridges which form over a beautiful creek leading to a large modern gazebo. The dance floor and dinning arrangements installed on the property transformed this rural farm into magical grounds on which to get married. The location and decorations for this wedding made the entire day feel more personal and unique. 

Jeca & Ale's beautiful wedding destination: Finca Agua Tiba


Family seemed paramount for Jeca and Ale. When I asked them about photos from they day that they would love to have during our last consultation, Jeca couldn't stop talking about the importance of the roles her mom and her daughter played in her life. Jeca wanted me to understand that this was a fun day for them and their family to celebrate her and Ale's love for one another. Ale told me that some of their favorite things we laughing together and having fun. He especially loves staring at her eyes. Jeca and Ale's relaxed demeanor made their wedding day fun for everyone. The entire day was full of love and joy, just as a wedding day should be. 

From the moment I met Jeca and Ale, I knew that they were going to be the type of young, fun, energetic couple that I always enjoy having as clients. From the end of our first conversation to this day, they feel more like friends than anything. Ale's energy and humor showed in every aspect of the wedding. Jeca's easy going personality shined through on her wedding day and put everyone at ease. The two were a dream to photograph. My second shooter and I really enjoyed being around this couple. It was a fun day all around and I can't wait for my next session with them!

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Special Thanks To:

Finca Agua Tiba — Venue

Vivianne Brichaux — Coordinator

Nick Brown — Second Shooter

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