Antigua Guatemala Wedding in Convento Capuchinas

Kathe & Mac

Mac leads Kathe through one of the best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala.



Wedding venues in Guatemala are some of the best in the world. In general, Guatemala weddings are well staffed, equipped for the elements, and some of the most beautifully decorated anywhere. Kathe and Mac’s choice to get married in Capuchinas reflect the beauty and elegance that comes with getting married in Guatemala.

When I first met Kathe and Mac it was an instant connect. Wine glass in hand, Kathe explained her vision for her and Mac’s wedding over the course of our Skype call. Mac struck me as a really down to earth person who had a great idea of what he was looking for in a wedding venue and photographer. It was an instant match! And we set in motion planning the perfect black tie wedding with their wedding coordinator.


The day of the wedding, my team and I met Kathe and Mac at El Convento Hotel in Antigua Guatemala. The hotel is conveniently situated across the street from Capuchinas and is full of great backdrops for photos. Meeting Kathe and Mac’s friends and family my team set to work getting photographs of details and smiling faces. The energy was high and there were smiles everywhere. There was so much love for this couple, it was palpable. Sometimes Guatemala weddings can be a bit stressful, but not for these two. Kathe and Mac’s kept an incredibly calm demeanor throughout the day. It’s just their personality to be light and fun, having worked with a local wedding planner helped too!

As Mac helped tie bow ties, Kathe was nearby having her hair and makeup done while enjoying a steady supply of champagne. Once Kathe was ready, she slipped into her dress. We took a few last photo ops at the hotel before heading over to Capuchinas where Mac and my second shooter were awaiting the first look.

Kathe leaving El Convento Hotel for her first look at Capuchinas.

THE First look

The first look is something nearly ever couple considers. It is the first moment the couple will see each other all dressed up and ready for the big day. There are always a lot of emotions. It’s unavoidable. The only decision that needs to be made is when and how the first look will take place: in a secret garden alone? in ancient ruins with your closest friends and family watching? during the ceremony in front of everyone you hold dear? There’s no wrong answer. It depends completely on the personality of the couple and something your wedding planner and photographer can help you decide.

For Kathe and Mac, they wanted to have there first look in private. We chose the perfect place in Capuchinas and captured the magic as it happened. There were tears. There were smiles. It was truly an incredible moment.

I do

In the garden behind Capuchinas, Kathe and Mac said their vows in front of life long family and friends. My team and I captured every moment. Ceremonies are so beautiful. Despite being one of the shortest parts of a wedding day, they are one of my favorites.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails and live music as the sun set over the volcanos in Antigua Guatemala. Then the party began: drinks, dances, and toasts flowed through the night. Mac even set up a surprise Skype call from a close family friend who couldn’t travel for medical reasons. As his face appeared on the screen tears flowed down Kathe’s cheeks. It was a precious moment, and an incredible wedding.

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Special Thanks To:

El Convento Boutique Hotel — Venue

Convento Capuchinas — Venue

Golden Studio — MUA

Silke Wahl — Wedding Coordinator

Paul Velasquez — Second Shooter

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