A Portrait Session with André Fong in Antigua

André Fong

André sits on the rooftop at sunset during one of our conversations as the Agua volcano looms in the background.


Portrait Session  

Portrait sessions have long been one of my strengths in photography. I do not promote them much because of how steady my wedding photography business has been over the past few years. However, I wanted to share this session that I’m particularly fond of.

When I met André we had an almost instant connection. It was great to just talk and share creative ideas. Concepts seemed to flow between us and it didn’t take long for us to get on the same page about a photograph. Making images became a breeze.

Last month we set up a little studio in my house and then captured some photos on my rooftop at sunset. The conversation was engaging and good images flowed. Check out any of the images below to see the high res results!