I was drunk in a tiki bar by the pool with my friend Jess when we booked our tickets. We were sitting under the stars in Manuel Antonio and had grown tired of the hot ocean breeze and familiar palm trees. My friend and I craved adventure, the kind you can't easily find in familiar places. Cuba was our answer.

Cuba hasd been a part of my family's travels for many decades, yet I had never been. School seemed to always get in the way for me. But that didn't stop my father from taking every opportunity to jet set down to the island he loved so much. I had always listened wide eyed to my father's stories of this place and dreamed of going. So, when Jess brought up the idea of traveling Cuba, I knew I couldn't pass it up. 

She used the excuse of shooting the look book for her new collection of swimwear to get away from her familiar tropical surroundings. A new country and empty schedule was all the excuse I needed to hop on a plane with her. Within a week, Jess had talked half of our friends into booking tickets and joining us on this crazy adventure. I don't think any of us could have expected the trip that awaited us.

When we arrived, I was instantly enthralled. We met up with our friends at the airport and took a short taxi ride in a classic Chevy into the heart of Havana: Habana Vieja. From the moment we arrived at our new home, I was in love.

The streets were alive with culture and teeming with opportunities. The smell of Cuban rum and tobacco took me in. The sounds of old cars and unfamiliar Spanish filled the air. And there was color—everywhere. In Havana, you can find world class art around every corner.  

I think that is what made me fall in love. The art, the culture, the feeling of Havana Vieja. My friends and enjoyed every minute of our time in the heart of the city and even took a day trip to the beach. I would love to do a short term residence in Cuba. I long for the days when I will have more time to explore and depose this beautiful country. But, until then, here are a few frames I snagged while walking around town in my spare time.


a man on the side of the street shares with me his tales of the revolution in Havana, Cuba

SELECT IMAGES FROM My Time in Havana, Cuba

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