If hiring a wedding photographer is a huge deal, hiring a destination wedding photographer in Guatemala is an even huger deal. You're choosing the person responsible for capturing every memory from your special day. This needs to be someone who is professional, artistic, and who you would want at your wedding as a guest. Because wedding photography is such a big investment, it's important to ask questions. Below I have included 15 of the most frequently asked questions I have gotten over the last three years, but if I left something out, feel free to ask me below!



    • I hope so! The best way to ensure booking me as your first choice photographer (or any wedding photographer that is high in demand) is to reach out 8-10 months before your wedding day. Most couples wait until 3-6 months before the wedding, which lowers the chance that another bride has not already booked my services. If I am not available, I have proven photographers in my network to recommend as well


    • I love the spontaneity of discovering a venue for the first time. It allows me to be fresh and creative with my approach. However, sometimes it is better to know a venue prior to the wedding day so that no photo opportunity is missed! To date, I have photographed in the following venues in Guatemala: Pensativo House, San Jose El Viejo, Casa Santo Domingo, Hotel Camino Real, Finca Agua Tiba, Ruinas Santa Clara, Convento Capuchinas, Casa Prana, Conceptió, Iglesia San Pedro Apostol, Convento de la Merced, Convento la Recolección, Catedral De Santiago, Templo de SanFrancisco el Grande, and many private properties rented for smaller weddings. If your venue is somewhere other than listed above or you are getting married in Costa Rica or elsewhere, drop me an email and let's start a conversation!

  3. Will you be my photographer?

    • YES! This may seem like an obvious answer, but keep in mind that at a larger studio you may be booking a photographer other than the person you have been talking to leading up to your wedding day. We'll be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day so I feel that it's very important to establish a relationship early on so that we feel comfortable together. I often meet with couples months before their wedding date to walk through a venue together, have brunch, grab oysters for happy hour, or go for drinks on the weekend to become comfortable and create a bond that will last the course of your wedding day and beyond.

  4. do you have a backup photographer?

    • Things happen. Flights get canceled, cameras break, the flu strikes—it happens, but there are ways to avoid this. I keep a backup of every piece of equipment. I live and work in Antigua Guatemala so I am walking distance to most of the venues in the area, unlike photographers in the city who choose commute the day of the wedding (yikes!). If for some reason I am out of the country the week before your wedding I will notify you, but always stick to my rule of arriving back to Antigua 48 hours before the wedding. I have photographed weddings with a dislocated disc in my back. I have photographed sessions with dengue (not suggested). But, yes, if for some reason I absolutely cannot make your wedding date, I am part of a community of local professional photographers who can step in an take over if something were to happen.   

  5. Are you comfortable taking charge?

    • On wedding day, it's important to be able to work a camera and a crowd. Family portraits, cheesy photos of your guests, and capturing kids who seem to never want to look at the camera when it's the right time require not only someone who knows how to click the shutter but how to organize people when it matters. My wedding experience, B.A. in Communications, and amazing assistants help with directing people when it matters most on your wedding day.

  6. What will you and your team wear to my wedding?

    • I will always be in my trademark outfit: a TOBIAS clothing white linen shirt, a pair of black denim from Nudie Jeans, and a pair of Captains from Thursday Boot Co. For examples of the you can check My Story page and here. My assistants and second shooters dress accordingly. If you have a special request or have a black tie wedding, let me know and my team and I will do what we can to accommodate your wedding's dress code.

  7. How would you describe your style?

    • I don't like traditional wedding photography. It's just not me. I describe my style as storytelling and fine art. My goal for your wedding is to capture the story of the day that unfolds in the most creative and beautiful way possible.

  8. Can you show me a wedding, from start to finish, that you've shot?

    • Yes! If you are interested in seeing a full client gallery I can send you a link to my most recent destination wedding in Guatemala.

  9. can i give you a list of shots i want?

    • I learned in my first year of second shooting weddings that photographers who shoot from lists don't know what they're doing. This may seem counterintuitive, but wedding days have an ebbe and a flow to them. The best, most experienced shooters work from muscle memory with their camera and with the flow of the day. That being said, if you have a special family heirloom you would like specially captured or family photo check list to make sure no one gets left out please let me know!

  10. Can I post the photos you take at my wedding to instagram?

    • Please do! I provide person-use copyright release in my all of my photography contracts to each of my clients. And I love it when you tag and credit me in the photos so that your family and friends can see my work!

  11. Can i see a sample contract?

    • I strongly advise against hiring a destination wedding photographer who does not provide you with a contract. I would be happy to let you see a sample contract and offer free consultations to answer any questions you and your fiancé may have about it!

  12. What equipment do you use?

    • I use 2 full-frame professional Canon DSLRs (5D IV), 3 professional Canon speedlights (600 EXRT), MagMod flash kit, and a full line of Canon L Series prime lenses with wide-angle and standard zoom back up lenses. Because I use the best cameras for wedding photographers Canon produces you can ensure that every photo will be print ready and the image quality of your wedding album will be flawless. You can also rest assured that I have backup  equipment incase any of my cameras or lenses fails or breaks on the day of your wedding.

  13. Are your prices in Quetzales or us dollars?

    • This may seem like an odd question to include on this list, but it was one of the most frequent questions I received last year. All of my prices are listed in USD and all transactions are handled in the U.S. so that you do not have to deal with international banking transfers or currency exchanges, unlike other vendors in Guatemala.

  14. Why should i hire a photographer in guatemala instead of a photographer from my city

    • One of the most important reasons to hire a photographer in Guatemala is saving money. My packages can be more affordable than most of those in New York and Los Angels because I do not need to charge couples for airfare or hotels. More so, you benefit from hiring a bilingual photographer with strong relationships to local wedding planners, vendors, and other wedding photographers in Guatemala.

  15. Do you offer any Packages?

    • Yes! I have both high season and low season pricing available. You view my 2020 Collections List, detailing my three packages Acatenango, Fuego, and Agua (named for Antigua's three volcano's) on my website. Click here for high season pricing! Click here for low season pricing!